ACE Basin

I get goose bumps when I write about the ACE Basin, one of the largest natural areas on the Atlantic, and the confluence of the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto River Basins. This package is for those seeking a unique adventure in a very remote area of the Lowcountry. Cruise through the heart of the picturesque ACE Basin as we venture in to uncharted creeks where you’ll be immersed in beauty, surrounded by dolphins and endangered wildlife like the peregrine falcon, black skimmer and American oystercatcher. This area is so remote that it’s very likely you won’t see another boat for miles.

This cruise pairs nicely with an overnight respite in the lovely seaport of Beaufort, South Carolina. A cruise through the St. Helena Sound, a vast body of water that looks and feels like the wide-open ocean, is an experience in itself.