Ports of Call

Experience the city by boat.

Our Ports of Call

Our Ports of Call

Seaport of Charleston | 32°47’N 79° 54’W

Charleston has been named the top city in the world two years in a row. The locals refer to Charleston as the Lowcountry, because most of the area lies below sea level. Another moniker is the Holy City, because no buildings can be taller than the highest church steeple. This Antebellum lady is best known for her history, food and pretty and friendly people. But to truly experience Charleston first you must boat it.

Seaport of Beaufort | 32° 26’N 80° 40’W

Charleston used to be a hidden gem–a seaside paradise shared only by the locals. Not anymore. Fortunately, Beaufort still flies way under the radar. A neat factoid about Beaufort is at high tide half the city is under seawater. More interesting is that in 2016 the 1566 Spanish Colony of Santa Elena was unearthed. The argument can be made Beaufort is the oldest city in America!

Seaport of Georgetown | 33° 03’N 79° 30’W

South Carolina’s third oldest city, Georgetown is a quaint, charming fishing community that flies well under the touristy radar. The cruise to Georgetown goes right through the heart of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most pristine environments in the south. Georgetown is home to good southern fare and great people.

Seaport of Savannah | 31° 59’N 80° 44’W

The best way to describe Savannah is through a factual story. In 1864 Union General Sherman T. Williams seized Savannah, the last major Confederate stronghold along Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea. It was the only city spared from being torched. Why? In Sherman’s words, “Savannah is too beautiful to destroy.”

Seaport of Hilton Head Island | 32° 20’N 80° 48’W

Hilton Head’s is considered the the yachting destination of the South. If you’re looking for a seaport with an upscale resort-like feel that oozes world-class golf and tennis amenities than this seaport is the destination of choice.

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